Young consumers remain confused about health insurance

health insurance for young adults

Study finds that young adults are still confused about insurance terminology Many young consumers are concerned about the cost of health insurance policies, but they are still confused about out-of-pocket expenses, according to a study from the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The study is quite small, with researchers observing 33 young adults between the ages of 19 and 30 as they purchased insurance coverage through The online marketplace has made it easier for consumers to acquire coverage, but they may not have a full understanding of insurance terminology. Consumers…

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Philadelphia insurance industry group donates $59k for smoke detectors

philadelphia insurance industry smoke detector

The group has been donating to the city’s Fire Department every year at around this time. This year, Christmas came early for the city’s Fire Department when a Philadelphia insurance industry group made a sizable donation for the purpose of purchasing smoke detectors that could help to save the lives of thousands of families throughout the city. The oversized replica check has now been presented by the group in a tradition that occurs annually. The Insurance Society of Philadelphia was the result of an effort that began in June at…

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Allstate proposes higher rates for Pennsylvania homes

Allstate of Pennsylvania has issued a new rate proposal for its property and casualty insurance lines. The company is seeking to raise its rates due to the unprecedented frequency of national disasters befalling the state. These disasters have placed the insurer under enormous financial pressure as it attempts to mitigate the damage caused by this year’s multitude of storms. The insurer is asking state regulators for approval to raise its rates by an average of 20% for the 195,000 policies in effect in Pennsylvania. This year’s storms have caused damage…

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