Generation X buys more pet insurance policies than any other generation

pet insurance policies - dog with head cone

Most people who purchase veterinary health plans for their furry family members have age in common. The average age of people who have purchased pet insurance policies is 43 years old. Moreover, those with coverage for their dogs and cats often have other features in common, too. Most people who have this coverage receive it through their employers and are married. The stats were presented by EverythingBenefits, following an analysis of demographic data regarding workers using the pet insurance policies offered as a part of the benefits provided by their…

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Japanese pet insurance market takes off due to high vet costs

Japanese Pet Insurance - Man with Cat in Japan

Veterinary bills are on the rise in Japan, sending dog and cat owners to buy policies to help cover expenses. Considerable advances in veterinary care have helped dogs and cats to live longer, boosting the Japanese pet insurance market well beyond where it was only a handful of years ago. Longer lives and improved veterinary care has sent the price of pet health care skyward. Since veterinary care now comes with a higher expense, Japanese pet insurance policies have taken off. The reason is that dog and cat owners are…

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Pet insurance policies are increasingly commonplace as employee benefits

pet insurance policies company

Employers are seeking to draw younger talent by offering them unique additional forms of coverage. Companies that are looking for the best talent find themselves facing a great deal of competition and pet insurance policies are often used to help them to shine above rivals. Today’s younger workers don’t necessarily want the same benefits as those ten years or a generation older. Health insurance isn’t covering as much but plans with more coverage are very expensive for businesses. Over the next month, many companies are adding other types of benefits…

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Pet insurance company releases strangest summertime claims info

pet insurance

Pets Best identifies weirdest filings of the season. Every few months, the oddest pet insurance claims are identified by Pets Best, by its president and founder, Dr. Jack Stephens, who is as also a practicing veterinarian. The most recent summertime examples have now been released by the insurer. According to Dr. Stephens, “The accidents and dangers pets encounter never cease to amaze me.” He added that “We want pet owners to remember that as the weather warms and they’re spending more time outside, they should be extra cautious.” The pet…

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Over 12 million British pets are not covered by insurance

Despite the fact that 86 percent pet owners in the United Kingdom consider their animals to be family members, 56 percent of them do not have an insurance policy to cover their veterinary expenses, according to the results of the latest research. The study involved a survey of pet owners in the country, and indicated that millions of pets do not have the coverage required to protect owners from extremely expensive vet bills that they could face if their animal family member should ever be injured or fall ill.…

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Pet insurance now available through Capital Blue Cross

Capital Blue Cross, a major health insurer based in Harrisburg, has announced that it will start selling pet insurance. Officials from the company believe that this act will make Capital Blue Cross the first insurer to offer pet insurance policies. The program will be managed by PetPlan, a company based in Philadelphia. Stacy Balaban, the strategic development director for Capital Blue Cross explained that many Americans think of their pets as members of their families, so it makes a lot of sense to offer a new program such as this…

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Lloyds Banking Group announces shutdown of pet insurance division, leaving animal owners without coverage

Lloyds Banking Group has announced that it will be shutting down its division for pet insurance, leaving tens of thousands of animal owners without any coverage for their pets’ veterinary care. Lloyds TSB and Halifax have both sold pet insurance policies for a number of years and currently provide coverage for approximately fifty thousand animals. However, the owner of both brands, Lloyds Banking Group, has decided that it will no longer take part in that market. A spokesperson from the company has explained that it has performed a thorough review…

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