The North American pet insurance industry is finally taking off

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Trupanion recently released a report that showed that it has been experiencing considerable growth in revenues. Although pet insurance is carried by a small minority of dog and cat owners, the current trend has shown that the number of people who have coverage for their beloved animals is starting to grow in a very meaningful way. The market is on the rise and insurance companies are looking to take advantage of this revenue stream. In the example of Trupanion, a pet insurance company from Seattle, the 2015 first quarter earnings…

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American pet insurance industry experiences sales growth

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A new update to the report from IBISWorld has shown that more animal owners are buying policies. IBISWorld has updated the data in its report on the pet insurance industry and has pointed out that as a result of a combination of the increase in the costs associated with veterinary services, and the rising awareness among consumers with regards to coverage options, sales of these policies have been measurably growing. Insurers offering these types of policies have been experiencing rising consumer awareness and acceptance. The report showed that over the…

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Pet insurance is offered by a growing number of companies

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Though traditionally a very small market, as the popularity of these products take off, insurers are taking notice. When it comes to pet insurance, companies are now starting to see a far greater opportunity than was ever available before, as owners start to consider animals as furry family members instead of a beast that is somewhat disposable. The importance of these animals – especially dogs and cats – has lead to massive advancements in veterinary medicine. While the evolution of veterinary medicine has made it possible to provide these animals…

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Pet insurance is among the most popular American worker benefits

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A growing number of businesses are now subsidizing and discounting the cost of the coverage for their employees. The trend for companies to offer their workers pet insurance as a part of their benefits packages is a growing one, as people increasingly feel that their animal companions are members of the family. Businesses across the country are working to make themselves more attractive to talented workers. One in three Fortune 500 companies offers plans from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the oldest and largest animal health insurer in the United States.…

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Pet insurance company Pethealth to acquire parts of PurinaCare’s assets

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  Some of the latter company’s coverage operations have been purchased through this agreement. Pethealth Inc. has just announced that its PTZ Insurance agency subsidiary has now entered into an acquisition agreement with Nestle Purina Claims Processing, Inc. and its PurinaCare services in order to purchase some of its pet insurance operations. The acquisition covers the Purinacare Insurance Services, Inc. operations in terms of certain operations. Those operations are specific to the administration of the pet insurance program at Purina, and the ownership of the rights to the renewals of…

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