Pet insurance is among the most popular American worker benefits

Pet Insurance

A growing number of businesses are now subsidizing and discounting the cost of the coverage for their employees. The trend for companies to offer their workers pet insurance as a part of their benefits packages is a growing one, as people increasingly feel that their animal companions are members of the family. Businesses across the country are working to make themselves more attractive to talented workers. One in three Fortune 500 companies offers plans from Veterinary Pet Insurance (VPI), the oldest and largest animal health insurer in the United States.…

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Pet insurance company Pethealth to acquire parts of PurinaCare’s assets

Things to consider when searching for pet insurance

  Some of the latter company’s coverage operations have been purchased through this agreement. Pethealth Inc. has just announced that its PTZ Insurance agency subsidiary has now entered into an acquisition agreement with Nestle Purina Claims Processing, Inc. and its PurinaCare services in order to purchase some of its pet insurance operations. The acquisition covers the Purinacare Insurance Services, Inc. operations in terms of certain operations. Those operations are specific to the administration of the pet insurance program at Purina, and the ownership of the rights to the renewals of…

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Pet insurance report shows large growth in U.S. market

Over the last five years, the sector has expanded despite the economic downturn. IBISWorld has now released its latest U.S. Industry Market Research Report, which provides details as to the progress of the pet insurance sector over the last five years. What it has indicated is that there has been notable growth among insurers and consumers. Over the last five years, according to the report, the pet insurance industry grew very rapidly, continuing its expansion regardless of the direction of the economy as a whole. It is a clear reflection…

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Trupanion pet insurer raises $9 million to improve customer service and widen sales force

The Trupanion pet insurance company has raised $9 million in financing, with funding coming primarily from the Highland Consumer Fund, but also from Maveron, a venture capital firm from Howard Schultz. The insurer provides pet coverage to owners in Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States. It provides coverage for 90 percent of medical care from a veterinarian should the protected pet be injured or fall ill. Premiums for a mixed-breed dog at three years old are typically around $40 per month. Trupanion explained that it intends to use the…

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Could pet insurance become the bread-and-butter of insurance agents

Pet insurance is a growing segment of the insurance marketplace and some agents are starting to wonder if it may be the next gold rush. That said, experts in the industry are warning agents not to hop aboard too quickly, as this is a specialized segment of the insurance market and it is important to know this niche in the industry very well in order to be successful. Pet insurance is a form of health insurance for animals. It involves the payment of premiums in order to be able to…

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Lloyds Banking Group announces shutdown of pet insurance division, leaving animal owners without coverage

Lloyds Banking Group has announced that it will be shutting down its division for pet insurance, leaving tens of thousands of animal owners without any coverage for their pets’ veterinary care. Lloyds TSB and Halifax have both sold pet insurance policies for a number of years and currently provide coverage for approximately fifty thousand animals. However, the owner of both brands, Lloyds Banking Group, has decided that it will no longer take part in that market. A spokesperson from the company has explained that it has performed a thorough review…

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