Pet insurance bill in California could provide industry with regulation

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A new bill in front of the legislature in the state would help to tell customers exactly what coverage they have. Should a new bill that is currently before the California legislature pass, it will mean that pet insurance companies will be required to provide greater disclosure to their customers regarding what precisely will be covered by the policies that they have sold. This type of insurance policy is becoming increasingly popular but there has yet to be an industry coverage standard. Many dog and cat owners are finding that…

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Pet insurance legislation changes moving forward in California

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The State Legislature has the power to put a new set of regulatory requirements into place. The pet insurance industry is growing nearly as fast as the animal companion market, itself, and it is now getting ready to face a range of new regulatory requirements in the case the legislation in front of the California State Legislature should move ahead. The new bill being considered was sponsored by Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones. AB 2056 would work to improve consumer protection by way of “bringing uniformity to policy language and disclosures,…

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