How ID Theft Can Unexpectedly Cause Higher Health Premiums

Credit Score Insurance Privacy

If we consider how ubiquitous the almighty credit card is these days, it’s not that hard to believe that we are well on our way to becoming a mostly cashless society. Unfortunately, this also means that ID theft and credit card fraud are steadily on the rise. The very real problem of identity theft can wreak havoc on an individual’s credit score. It could also quite possibly lead to expensive health insurance. The proliferation of credit cards and the people who use them in their daily lives placed more importance…

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The safety of online storage remains unsure as thousands of insurance documents are left unprotected

As states continue to labor toward health insurance exchanges, there have been concerns raised regarding the safety of medical and insurance documents stored online. These concerns stem from a provision of the Affordable Care Act that has health care and insurance professionals store consumer information electronically to allow quick and easy access. Electronic storage will be a major part of the coming online insurance exchanges, as it will allow doctors to access important medical information when treating patients. The safety of these documents has been questioned as hackers continue to…

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