Health care reform puts pressure on state’s insurance initiative

Children’s Health Insurance Program kids

Pennsylvania insurance program manages to find new life despite health care reform provisions Pennsylvania has been fighting to keep its Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) intact as federal health care reform provisions begin to be enacted. The state program is considered one of the most successful insurance initiatives in Pennsylvania and it has provided insurance coverage for children and their families for some time now. The state is, however, being pressured to expand its Medicaid program, which would make insurance coverage more accessible to those that currently receive coverage through…

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Federal funds could help Pennsylvania expand health insurance availability

Pennsylvania Health Insurance

State accepts funds to expand health insurance initiative Pennsylvania has officially accepted federal funds in order to expand its Medicaid program. Governor Tom Corbett, whom approved the acceptance of federal funds, is the 10th Republican governor in the U.S. to expand a state-based Medicaid program with the assistance of the federal government. Through the expansion of the Medicaid program, hundreds of thousands of state residents are expected to gain access to health insurance coverage. Governor Corbett has submitted demands to the federal Department of Health and Human Services concerning the…

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Blue Cross Insurers look to expand into the Medicaid market

Independence Blue Cross, one of Southeastern Pennsylvania’s largest health insurance companies, is looking to expand into the Medicaid market. The company has been spending millions of dollars in the effort to carve out a larger share of the market. The Medicaid market has become a popular target for health insurers looking to offer affordable coverage to those that have fallen on hard economic times. Independence Blue Cross already holds a prominent place in this particular market, but is looking to further its hold as the market grows more lucrative. Michigan’s…

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