Insurance industry slams Paul Ryan for lack of comprehension

Paul Ryan insurance industry

The internet and social media lit up when the Speaker of the House of Representatives made a strange declaration about health insurance. The insurance industry was shocked by a recent statement from Speaker of the House of Representatives, Paul Ryan. He recently expressed his displeasure with the fact that premiums from healthy individuals are being used to subsidize the premiums of sick people. Social media, particularly Twitter, immediately blew up to inform Ryan that this is how insurance works. The insurance industry – including professionals and consumers alike – took…

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Paul Ryan feels tax credits are the road to universal health coverage

Paul Ryan (R., WI), the House Budget Committee Chairman, gave a significant speech at the Hoover Institution about health reform. At this Stanford University think tank, Ryan spoke about his own Medicare and Medicaid reform plan called “Path to Prosperity”. That said, he also took a moment to speak about the third health-care entitlement in the United States, which is a tax subsidy of $300 billion per year, which helps to cover employer-sponsored health insurance. This reform offers the chance for universal coverage to run in a market-oriented way. Ryan…

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