Types Of Insurance Needed for Events

event insurance and what is covered

As exciting as it can be, planning and hosting an event usually comes with a certain level of risk. No matter how well-organized and carefully planned an event may be, unexpected accidents and incidents can occur, which can lead to liability claims and financial losses. This is where insurance comes in.  Insurance provides a safety net for event organizers and participants, helping to mitigate potential risks and cover the costs of unexpected incidents. However, not all insurance policies are created equal, and it’s important to understand the different types of…

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Wedding insurance now recommended to protect against fights

Wedding Insurance

Planners and industry experts feel that additional coverage can only help newlyweds. Following the increasing instances of fights breaking out at receptions, many planners and industry experts are now recommending that couples purchase wedding insurance to cover against the damage that could occur as a result of these unexpected circumstances. The importance of coverage has become all the more clear with the high profile fights in Philadelphia. The massive brawl that occurred in Philadelphia and that rapidly had its video go viral, providing a clear image of how rapidly, and…

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Don’t get left at the alter without wedding insurance

Inflation has taken its toll on everything; including the price of weddings. Research shows the average cost for a wedding is between $15,000 and $25,000. If you went out and bought a car that costs this much; you would insure it. People insure their homes, art collections, even their pets; it only makes sense to protect your wedding investment also. Wedding insurance sales are on the rise. With the average cost of a wedding being so much, many people are opting to have insurance coverage for their special event. Statistics…

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