Black Friday insurance coverage takes many forms this year

Black friday insurance

While consumers shuffle their way through crowded stores and pick up extra purchases online, coverage is key. Among the preparations shoppers are making to ensure they get the best deal, adequate Black Friday insurance coverage is also vital. Before heading out to pick up the top tech gifts of 2017 there are several forms of insurance coverage that may be needed. The odds are that most consumers have policies in place, but the key is in reviewing and updating them. After all, when shoppers are out in crowded parking lots…

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Insurers keenly aware of retail risk on the eve of Black Friday

With Black Friday and Cyber Monday looming on the horizon, insurers are keeping a keen eye on risk in the retail industry. Black Friday is the most important shopping day of the year and, in many ways, the most important day of business for most retailers. The famous deals offered during Black Friday have never failed to draw masses of shoppers to stores. When so many people gather in one space, accidents are almost unavoidable. With insurers falling under more scrutiny in recent months, they have begun warning retailers to…

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