Insurance agents hit with slashed commissions as new ACA enrollments launch

Insurance agents - Commissions

Insurers offering Affordable Care Act coverage are sometimes reducing the cut for those selling it. Insurance agents working for insurers selling coverage through the Affordable Care Act have started to alter the relationship they have with those employees by slashing – or eliminating – commissions for sales. Bright Health is among those that have advised their brokers that their commission structure is changing. According to a recent report in Fortune, Bright Health issued a note to its insurance agents stating that they had seen “extraordinary growth” in the enrollment into…

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New health insurance company aims to revolutionize health care in New York

New York Health Insurance

Newly formed health insurance company will debut with New York’s insurance exchange A new health insurance company is set to make its debut when New York’s insurance exchange, called New York State of Health, begins open enrollment on October 1. The company is called, simply, Oscar, and aims to take a new approach on how coverage is offered to consumers throughout the state. The company was founded by Josh Kushner, Kevis Nazemi, and Mario Schlosser, all of whom have participated in entrepreneurial ventures in the technology industry. Company aims to…

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