Small farmers may find large benefit from new crop insurance program

Crop Insurance

Ranchers and growers in North Dakota who were previously unable to find coverage will soon have new options. In North Dakota, small farmers and ranchers have either struggled to find crop insurance coverage or who have been completely unable to purchase a policy will now be able to take advantage of a new program option for 2015. Previously, growers that were not large enough of any given crop may not have qualified for farm insurance. Until now, smaller producers, such as specialty vegetable growers and organic farms, such as those…

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Federal crop insurance program hinders organic farm growth

Though there has been an increase in consumer demand for consumer foods, some producers are finding that the federal crop insurance program – which was created to assist farmers – is hindering their ability to expand. This, according to Matt McLean, the founder of Uncle Matt’s Organic Inc, which has become the largest organic citrus producer in Florida, after having started in 1999 with only 5 acres of oranges. The reason that McLean and other farmers are making this claim is that organic producers are required to pay a surcharge…

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