How to Prevent Accidents When Driving Through Oregon’s Varying Weather Conditions

GEICO Insurance - Driving on winter roads

As a competent driver with plenty of experience, you likely know what a challenge it can be to drive in inclement conditions.  Heavy rainfall and fog can reduce your vision on the road to just a few yards, drastically decreasing the time you have to react to hazards. In addition, you have to be extra careful with your wheels moving on the slick surface of a road in the rain. And the streets only get more slippery during winter when covered in ice.  Oregon drivers will recognize all of these…

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Health insurance company put under state supervision in Alaska

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Alaskan regulators place Moda Health Plan under supervision due to financial concerns The Alaska Division of Insurance has announced that Moda Health Plan, a health insurance company based in Oregon, will no longer be offering policies in the state. Regulators cite concerns regarding the insurer’s financial situation. Moda will not be accepting new customers or renewals for the time being and regulators will continue to evaluate the issue. In its home state of Oregon, Moda was placed under supervision by the state due to financial issues, which influenced the decision…

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Open enrollment for health insurance exchanges is coming to an end

Oregon Health Insurance exchange

Deadline for consumers to purchase coverage is rapidly approaching For those without health insurance coverage, time is running out to acquire coverage in the United States. The open enrollment period for insurance exchanges will come to an end on January 31 this year. After the enrollment period is over, consumers will no longer be able to use exchanges to purchase health insurance coverage, except in some special cases. Currently, those without coverage can find policies through, the exchange system established by the federal government. Uninsured consumers will face a…

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Health insurance premiums to spike in Oregon

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Oregon Insurance Division reveals final decision on rate proposals for 2016 The Oregon Insurance Division has revealed its final decision concerning rate proposals coming from the state’s health insurance companies. Many of the state’s insurance providers have sought to raise premiums on the coverage that they provide. State regulators have been investigating these proposals to determine whether or not they are necessary. The Insurance Division has announced that, in most cases, insurance rates will go up on individual policies in 2016. Regulators approve the majority of rate increase proposals While…

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University of Oregon looks to launch its own health insurance plan

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University could provide a health care plan for its students The University of Oregon may be looking to build its own health insurance plan for its students. Oregon does have a health insurance exchange in place, where individuals and groups can find coverage at reasonable rates, but the university believes that it can better serve its students by providing them with their own plan. Some students may be able to enjoy the insurance coverage of their families, but others go without coverage because of its cost and the cost of…

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Oregon purchases more wildfire insurance

wildfire insurance

Oregon has purchased wildfire insurance to protect against the dry season Oregon is preparing to handle its dry season with the purchase of wildfire insurance. This type of insurance coverage is meant to protect the state from the onslaught of wildfires that could emerge in the state due to dry conditions. The insurance is meant to help cover the costs associated with these disasters, reducing the state’s financial exposure and providing it with some breathing room when it comes to recovery. Insurance policy from Lloyd’s of London will provide $25…

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Health insurance controversy emerges in Oregon

Oregon Health Insurance technology

Oregon files lawsuit against Oracle concerning health insurance program The State of Oregon has filed a new lawsuit against Oracle concerning the state’s troubled health insurance program. According to the state, Oracle is currently planning to stop hosting Oregon’s Medicaid system, which could cause problems for people trying to enroll in the health insurance program. Oracle has been hosting the state’s Medicaid site, which serves as a way for state residents to sign up for the health insurance coverage that they need. Lawsuit aims to force Oracle to continue hosting…

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