Wildfires are sending Oregon homeowners insurance rates skyward

Homeowners Insurance rates rising in Oregon - Wildfires

State residents are seeing fewer options, reducing competition in that market Property owners in Oregon are increasingly discovering that they have very few homeowners insurance options, and this marketplace situation is causing premiums to head much higher every year. Many insurers have chosen not to write any new policies in the state Due to the situation in the state’s market, many property owners in the eastern, southern and central parts of Oregon have watched their homeowners insurance coverage become decreasingly affordable or have had their policies canceled at renewal time.…

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Oregon regulators say new wildfire risk map won’t raise insurance rates

Insurance Rates - Oregon - Home - Fire

State officials said that they don’t intend to use the new map for purposes that include determining coverage. According to regulators in Oregon, the new wildfire risk map created for the state will not lead to increased insurance rates as has been the worry among many home and business owners. Financial regulators released a statement saying that the speculations of this nature are unfounded. The story was covered by Live Insurance News earlier this month, as predictions of increased insurance rates abounded. That said, according to regulators, insurers in the…

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