Car insurance rose by at least 25 percent last year in three US states

Car insurance - Rise in cost 25 percent

American drivers are braced for more increases in the premiums they’re paying on their auto policy. Across the US, there were three states that experience car insurance price increases by 25 percent last year, and experts are cautioning American motorists that the premiums are expected to continue rising. As much as auto premiums rose last year, 2023 is likely to see policies getting more expensive. Interest rate increases, inflation, the volatility of gas prices, and a spectrum of other causes have sent car insurance rates skyward in the last year.…

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Same-sex partners in Illinois to qualify for auto insurance discounts with Esurance

auto insurance discounts

Esurance has announced that it will be providing discounts for auto insurance to same-sex partner customers in Illinois. Following the June 1, 2011 start of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act within the state, which provided same-sex couples with the right to civil union and rights equal to other married couples, Esurance declared that it would also respect this union and qualify same-sex partners for auto insurance discounts in the same way they would qualify opposite-sex spouses. The savings that can be as high as 10 percent, or…

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MetLife Auto & Home supports GM free insurance promotion

  MetLife Auto & Home has announced that it stands by General Motors in its direct marketing agreement to offer new car buyers a year of free auto insurance.  The promotion gives MetLife Auto the opportunity to increase its brand recognition, which it hopes will then help it to build its force of independent agents. That said, many independent agents have voiced concerns over this deal, which is offered only in Washington state and Oregon.   The president and chief executive officer of the Independent Insurance Agents & Brokers of America…

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Agents concerned of GM free MetLife insurance offer

Independent insurance agents in the Pacific Northwest have been voicing their apprehension over a promotion made by General Motors that offers auto buyers in the area a year of free MetLife Auto & Home liability and damage coverage.  In an effort to encourage more drivers in Washington and Oregon to purchase new GM vehicles, the auto manufacturer has announced that until September 6, when customers in those two states purchase a new 2010, 211, or 2012 car, crossover, or truck, they would also receive a free year of MetLife Home…

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Looking to boost sales, General Motors offers free insurance for new cars.

General Motors is no stranger to financial troubles. The 2008 recession, whose effects still linger to this day, took a heavy toll on the auto maker. The company was forced to shut down several factories, lay off thousands of workers and discontinue some of their models. Recovering from the recession has been no small feat for the world’s businesses, but the auto industry has had a particularly rough time of it, due mainly to the additional expenses that come with purchasing a vehicle. In an effort to boost sales, GM…

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