Health insurance exchanges in Minnesota facing tight deadlines

Health Insurance Minnesota Governor Mark Dayton

With the start of the legislative session, lawmakers are diving right in to the healthcare overhaul. This week, Minnesota saw the beginning of a fresh legislative session, and Republican and DFL lawmakers have jumped directly into the announcement of a new bill that would implement a central element of the federal healthcare reforms within the state, namely the health insurance exchange. This virtual marketplace would provide an online arena in which residents can shop for coverage. Up to a million residents of Minnesota, in addition to small businesses, will be…

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Tech companies fight for their share of the emerging insurance exchange market

As the U.S. government continues to push insurance exchanges, a growing number of tech companies are beginning to compete for their share of the infrastructure that will make up the new insurance programs. Exchanges are to be constructed as electronic marketplaces where consumers can find a trove of affordable health care policies. Doctors will be able to use the system as an electronic storage for medical records, allowing other health care professionals, and insurance companies with appropriate authorization, access to a patient’s medical history. Technology firms are now vying for…

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