Insurance news about Olympic hockey shows costs are thinning the ice

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In order to ensure that the Sochi Olympics hockey tournament can proceed, the IOC is paying $8 million in coverage. The International Olympics Committee is making insurance news at the moment as it faces a bill of an estimated $8 million in order to pay for adequate coverage in order to ensure that the hokey tournament can continue in Sochi, Russia, next year. This announcement was made following what was called the world’s most expensive ball hockey game, in Calgary, Canada. When the Canadian Olympic hockey team gathered in Calgary…

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Insurance news doesn’t look good for Canadian Olympic hockey team

insurance news Team Canada hockey Olympics

Team Canada has been kept off the orientation camp ice due to the prohibitive cost of insuring its players. Steve Yzerman, the executive director of the national men’s hockey team for Canada that is headed to the Sochi Olympics, has announced the insurance news that the coverage for the players was too costly for them to be able to take part in their orientation camp. Though he said that he’d like to have had the players practice, the costs were too high to make that happen. The four day orientation…

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