Insurance fraud prevention efforts are underway in Oklahoma

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The state and the NICB are working together to stop false claims as filings are received following tornadoes. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) and the Oklahoma Insurance Department (OID) are working together in an effort to combat insurance fraud by educating residents at a time when approximately 23,000 claims have already been filed in the state in the wake of a stream of catastrophic tornadoes and other severe weather events in May 2013. The storms – which primarily occurred on May 19 and 20 – have generated auto and…

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Insurance news in Oklahoma could stop controversial anti-fraud vehicles

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A new bill would remove the police package cars that were purchased by the state’s department. A bill in Oklahoma is making insurance news as it has now been passed by a Senate panel which would bar the state’s Insurance Department from being able to use the police package vehicles that it purchased for use by its anti-fraud investigators. The vote on Monday was unanimous for stopping the “specialized motor vehicle” use. The Senate General Government Committee released their insurance news relating to the vote which occurred on Monday. It…

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