Oil insurance affected by skyrocketing risk levels in Persian Gulf

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The Joint War Committee of London’s Lloyd’s Market Association said the risk is highest since 2005. The oil insurance companies are reacting to the risks spiking in the Persian Gulf that are affecting tankers that must travel through that region. The risk of danger to oil tankers in the Persian Gulf hasn’t been this high since 2005. A new report from the Joint War Committee of London’s Lloyd’s Market Association stated that it would increase its “listed areas.” Those listed areas are the regions in which the highest shipping risks…

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Oil insurance fund to be created in India for Iranian imports

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The money reserved will be used to cover the refineries that are processing crude from the Middle Eastern nation. India has announced that it is going to try to solve its own oil insurance problems by creating a fund that will be worth approximately $364 million (20 billion rupees) to provide coverage for the refiners that will be using Iranian crude. The crude from Iran is subject to sanctions from the West, such as the European Union, that has banned coverage. The E.U. has placed a ban on providing oil…

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