Oil insurance between India and Iran hits delay

oil insurance news Iran imports stopped from india

This has led the container and crude trade between the countries to experience a considerable disruption. Uncertainty over oil insurance coverage has caused crude and container trade between India and Iran to grind to a halt in some areas and face massive disruptions in others, as certain ships now find themselves stranded outside the ports of both of those nations. These delays have happened as a result of the lack of approval from New Delhi regarding the Iranian coverage. The Indian approval had not yet been granted to Iranian underwriters…

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Oil insurance offered by Iran to India refiners

india news iran crude oil insurance

In an effort to boost the sales of crude, Tehran is now offering coverage to Indian refineries. Iran has just offered to provide Indian refiners with oil insurance in order to try to increase its sales of crude, as Tehran seeks out new ways to reduce the considerable impact it has suffered from the revenues drop that resulted by strict sanctions from the European Union and the United States. The sanctions from the E.U. and the U.S. have slashed away at Iran’s ability to sell crude. These sanctions were specifically…

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