Auto insurance minimum coverage required in Ohio may rise

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Drivers in the state may see a number of changes to their vehicle coverage over the next while. Ohio auto insurance customers have just discovered that there may be a number of different coverage changes that they will be seeing over the next year and beyond. This is due to the fact that House Bill 278 was passed by the Ohio House of Representatives. Should the bill be approved, it will mean that the minimum auto insurance amounts that are required for valid proof of financial responsibility in the state,…

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Ohio insurance shows that its rates in many sectors are highly affordable

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A recent study compares auto and homeowner policies over a span of three years. Though the storms that Ohio has faced over the last few years have made insurance news in their ever increasing effect on rates, despite the rises in premiums, the state is still among the most affordable places to purchase both auto and homeowners coverage. Homeowners premiums have risen in Ohio by an average of 6,2 percent since 2011. This, according to the latest Ohio Department of Insurance news data. Similarly, statistics from that department have also…

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