Health insurance rates set to go up in Washington

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Washington residents will be paying more for their insurance coverage in 2015 Health insurance in Washington may become more expensive next year. The Office of the Insurance Commissioner expects to see premiums grow by a modest degree in 2015, noting that those with coverage and those seeking coverage will be spending more money on their policies. Rates are expected to see modest growth in comparison to how much they had increased in the years leading up to federal health care reform. Insurance rates expected to increase by an average of…

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Out-of-state health insurance companies may be able to sell policies in Washington

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Washington lawmakers mull possibility of out-of-state insurers selling policies within the state For many Washington residents, health insurance plans from last year remain cancelled. These people saw their coverage evaporate at the beginning of the year as provisions of the federal health care reform law took effect. While some insurance providers have opted to continue honoring policies that were meant to be cancelled, per a provision from the Obama Administration, many insurers have opted to keep cancelled policies cancelled. Some state lawmakers believe that action must be taken in order…

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