Affordable Care Act could struggle due to insurance policy cancellations

affordable care act

Some customers have decided that they can’t afford subsidized coverage and are letting it expire. The new open health insurance enrollment period will be beginning under the Affordable Care Act on November 1, and while this means that campaigns are soon going to launch in full force to encourage the remaining 10.5 million eligible uninsured people to purchase coverage, dropouts are working against that effort. The insurance exchanges are now needing to focus on keeping their current customers as well as attracting new ones. This is a new trend since…

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Government to improve its health insurance gateway

Health Insurance exchange marketplaces will be receiving promising upgrades The U.S. government is looking to improve its health insurance gateway,, ahead of the beginning of the next open enrollment period in November. The upgrades are expected to improve the services that the site provides to consumers, making it easier to enroll in health insurance plans. In the past, has failed to successfully enroll consumers, making it difficult for them to find the coverage that they need. The government has brought many improvements to the site over the years, but the latest…

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Millions of people have found health insurance coverage in the US

Health Insurance exchange

Survey shows that 7 million people have found coverage through exchanges in the US The National Center for Health Statistics has released the results from a new survey, showing that more than 7 million people have managed to find health insurance coverage due to the provisions of the Affordable Care Act. The federal law had generated a great deal of controversy as it made its way through the legislative process, with many lawmakers suggesting that it would do more harm to the country’s health care system than good. In most…

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CDC report highlights the expansion of health insurance coverage

health insurance cost medical

Report shows that the uninsured rate throughout the US has fallen since the Affordable Care Act The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has released a new report that shows that the number of people without health insurance in the United States has declined significantly since the Affordable Care Act took effect. The federal law has expanded access to insurance coverage to millions of people, either through increased insurance programs such as Medicare, or through the introduction of insurance exchanges. The law may continue to reduce the number of…

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Program to protect health insurance companies to be expanded

insurance industry claims

Government plans to expand reinsurance program to protect insurers The Obama Administration has announced that it will be expanding a program that is designed to protect health insurance companies from high claims. The system serve as a reinsurance program, which provides insurers with the protection they need from the risks that they face. Insurers throughout the country will have the chance to pay into the program, which will partially reimburse them for insurance claims that go beyond a certain level. HHS will have the program cover the cost of claims…

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Health insurance premiums continue to climb in the US

Health Insurance Premiums Rise

Insurance premiums are growing as medical care becomes more expensive Health insurance costs continue to grow throughout the United States and this is having an impact on premiums for many consumers that have purchased coverage through insurance exchanges. These exchanges were established through the Affordable Care Act and serve as a way for people to find less expensive policies than can be found  through the private market. While this was initially true for many, the policies provided through exchanges are becoming more expensive with each passing year. Data suggests that…

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Health insurance costs could spike in the US

Health Insurance Mississippi

Analysis predicts that health insurance rates will grow by an average of 255% Those receiving federal aid for their health insurance coverage in the U.S. could see their insurance premiums rise by a significant margin, pending the results of a Supreme Court case. According to analysis from Avalere Health, an advisory group, premiums for those with subsidized coverage could spike by an average of 255%. Information from the Department of Health and Human Services shows that the vast majority of those receiving health insurance coverage through an exchange currently receive…

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