New York health insurance rates could rise by double digits

Health insurance Coverage Rates - New York

Both consumers and small businesses alike are expected to see the rise in monthly premiums. New York health insurance companies are currently filing for rate hikes to be applied in 2023 on their small group plans and for individual consumers. Insurers are seeking to hike rates as much as 46 percent on plans covering companies with under 100 employees. New York health insurance companies have also asked for increases as high as 35 percent for customers who aren’t a part of groups with plans, but who will be buying their…

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Health insurance rates in New York drop by 50%

Health insurance rates

Health insurance premiums are plummeting in New York Health insurance rates are rising throughout the U.S. as insurers prepare to comply with the various regulations being introduced with the Affordable Care Act. These regulations are placing more stringent requirements on insurers, effectively raising the costs associated with administration and general business while also lowering their ability to generate profit. In New York, however, health insurance rates for individuals could plummet due to the state’s health insurance exchange program. Officials approve 17 affordable plans from insurers New York officials have approved…

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