Insurance company jobs lost at Northwestern Mutual during business’s “transformation”

insurance industry hiring company jobs

The insurer released a statement confirming that hundreds of employees will be laid off this year. Despite the fact that the current market is very positive for insurance company jobs, hundreds of employees at Northwest Mutual will be laid off before the end of 2017. These layoffs will be on top of others that have already been issued to many of the insurer’s workers. The Northwestern Mutual layoffs are occurring primarily at the company’s corporate offices. Those offices are located in Milwaukee. The insurance provider has stated that the layoffs…

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Long term care insurance study identifies women’s coverage concerns

Long Term Care Insurance Industry

Research conducted by a Milwaukee insurer has identified a number of enlightening facts. The results of a long term care insurance study performed by Northwestern Mutual Life have shown that while women seem to have a greater understanding than their male counterparts regarding the options and resources that are available to a person who requires assisted living services, they are also notably less likely to purchase the necessary coverage to shelter them from those risks. The insurer released its findings in time for the awareness month for this form of…

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S&P downgrades Californian insurers while Commissioner Jones insists the companies are financially sound

Rating agency Standard & Poor’s seems to be in the grips of a downgrading frenzy as the agency downgrades the credit ratings of five of California largest insurance companies. The move comes on the heels of the agency’s downgrading of the federal government’s credit rating, which sparked controversy throughout the country and drove many businesses to re-evaluate their place in the commercial market. S&P downgrade of the state’s insurers could have major implications for the industry, but Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones says that there should be no doubt about the…

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