North Dakota launches auto insurance cost comparison tool

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The state’s Insurance Department has released its annual survey results comparing prices North Dakota’s Insurance Department has released the results of its annual auto insurance cost comparison, as well as a helpful tool to help drivers in the state to find the coverage they need at the right price. The survey involved obtaining quotes for six-month policies The department obtained quotes from auto insurance companies in the state for 12 different hypothetical drivers seeking six-month policies. The purpose of the survey was to better understand how premiums vary among motorists…

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Technology is becoming more important to the insurance industry

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Technology may direct the future of the insurance industry as a whole in the coming years Technology is beginning to play a very important role in the insurance industry. 2015 was the first year in which technology issues took up a significant degree of discourse within the industry. During the recent Property/Casualty Insurance Joint Industry Forum in New York, several insurance experts noted that change is coming quickly to the industry. Insurers will have to prepare to tackle challenges concerning technology in order to continue operating effectively. Volume of data…

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North Dakota crop insurance changes promote diversification

Crop Insurance

Officials are hoping that education will help to boost farmer willingness to diversify the plants they grow. In North Dakota, officials are hoping that changes to the crop insurance program will help to educate farmers in order to encourage them to diversify the plants they choose to grow. Whole farm insurance coverage first became available in North Dakota during the last growing season. While there weren’t any whole farm crop insurance policies sold, the officials from the Department of Agriculture believe that when they learn about what the coverage has…

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Nearly 16,000 people in North Dakota find coverage through health insurance exchange

North Dakota Health Insurance

More people are enrolling in the state’s insurance exchange as the open enrollment period draws to a close More residents of North Dakota are enrolling in the state’s health insurance exchange as the end of the open enrollment period approaches. As of the end of January, some 15,997 people have signed up for coverage through the exchange, according to information from the Department of Health and Human Services. For comparison, 10,597 people enrolled in the exchange last year. The growing popularity of the exchange may be due to the rising…

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Crop insurance claims are starting to be submitted for damaged wheat

us crop insurance program

Farmers in many areas have found their fields struck by frost, causing considerable issues for harvest. The crop insurance claims have now started to be filed in higher numbers as a result of the wheat that has been damaged by the frosts that have struck several parts of the country, and many agents feel that the numbers will continue to climb. Some agents think that this year will see a higher number of claims of this nature than other years. North Dakota was especially affected by the recent frosts. While…

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