North Dakota crop insurance changes promote diversification

Crop Insurance

Officials are hoping that education will help to boost farmer willingness to diversify the plants they grow. In North Dakota, officials are hoping that changes to the crop insurance program will help to educate farmers in order to encourage them to diversify the plants they choose to grow. Whole farm insurance coverage first became available in North Dakota during the last growing season. While there weren’t any whole farm crop insurance policies sold, the officials from the Department of Agriculture believe that when they learn about what the coverage has…

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Insurance company in North Dakota fined $60,000 for several violations

North Dakota Health Insurance

Blue Cross Blue Shield must pay the penalty for claims handling issues and other payments failures. Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Dakota recently agreed to pay a number of different fines that will come to a total of about $60,000, for having made several “systemic” violations that were discovered by regulators during an examination of the insurance company. The violations have occurred in a range of different areas including the handling of claims. Among the violations that were found within the examination of the insurance company were the claims…

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Health care reforms in North Dakota will not include a state run marketplace

North Dakota health care reforms

The governor has announced that the insurance exchange will be handed over to federal officials. According to a spokesperson for Governor Jack Dalrymple, of North Dakota, the state does not intend to take on the central element of the health care reforms, the online insurance exchange, for themselves, but will instead have the federal government run it for them. The Affordable Care Act requires that all states have one of these online marketplaces by 2014. The federal health care reforms include an element that says that every state must run…

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North Dakota consumers win with flood insurance legislation

Missouri Flood Insurance

New legislation makes changes to North Dakota flood insurance policies Legislation has been passed in North Dakota that changes the effective date of flood insurance policies throughout the state. Last year, many homeowners purchased or upgraded flood insurance policies in the wake of flooding in the Missouri River. Those purchasing policies after the disaster struck had feared that their newly bought coverage would not cover the damage that had been done to their homes and properties. Thanks to new legislation, their policies may now actually provide them with the coverage…

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North Dakota faces challenges in changing health insurance system

North Dakota legislators have been working to make changes to the state’s health insurance system to make it more in line with imminent federal regulations. A legislative committee has been tasked with the job of drafting such changes and will be presenting them during a special session of the Legislature scheduled for November 7. Lawmakers are eager to make changes to the system, but a potential snag takes the form of a $83 million price tag, which may put an end to the committee’s plans before any work can be…

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North Dakota new texting while driving law in effect

North Dakota joined ranks with thirty other states that have enacted laws to decrease distracted driving accidents. Most of the states, including North Dakota, have taken aim at the use of cell phones while driving. Eight states have banned all use of (hand held) cell phones while driving. Thirty one states, including North Dakota have banned texting and driving. Statistics show that drivers who use their phones are four times more likely to be in a serious accident. The use of mobile devices was found to be the number one…

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