Consumers may need to shop around to find the best deal on their health insurance coverage

Releigh, Capital of North Carolina homeowners insurance rates

Insurance premiums are growing and consumers may be paying too much if they stick with their current policies With health insurance exchanges now open for business throughout the United States, consumers are being urged to shop around for the insurance coverage that they need. Insurers offering policies through exchanges will be increasing premiums for 2016 coverage. Some will be doing so by a significant margin, while others will be raising premiums by a modest degree. In order to find the best coverage at affordable rates, Sylvia Burwell, secretary of the…

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Moped insurance mandate in North Carolina gets Senate panel support

moped insurance

Lawmakers in the state have now required that riders start to register their vehicles in July. A Senate panel in North Carolina has now laid down the requirement that will bring the state one step closer to mandated moped insurance as riders of the devices will need to register their vehicles as of next year. These small engine bicycles will soon be included among the vehicles that will require insurance. Last week, a Senate committee agreed with a House bill that said that a moped insurance requirement would also go…

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North Carolina legislation could reduce auto insurance premiums

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House committee approves legislation to provide restricted licenses to undocumented residents A legislation approved by a North Carolina House Finance Committee could make auto insurance premiums lower for drivers in the state. The legislation would grant limited driving privileges to undocumented immigrants. These people would be required to have auto insurance coverage, as mandated by the federal government and state law, and the influx of new consumers could be good news for other drivers in the state. Insurance rates could go down by a modest degree because of the new…

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Homeowners insurance sector may be in for some changes in North Carolina

homeowners insurance

Legislation aims to bring about significant changes to the homeowners insurance sector Major changes could be coming to the homeowners insurance sector in North Carolina. A new legislation, called the Property Insurance Fairness Act, has managed to make its way through the first few steps of the legislative process, making its way through the state’s House of Representatives. Lawmakers supporting the bill are looking for ways to mitigate the impact of what are known as “once in a century storms,” major events that can cause significant damage to properties. Legislation…

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North Carolina auto insurance tax will contribute to roadway maintenance

north carolina auto insurance

Higher taxes for gasoline and a range of other fees will help to keep the highways in the state paved. North Carolina has had to come up with a new plan to pay for the construction and maintenance of highways in the state, and it has now rolled out a plan that will use taxes on gasoline and auto insurance as well as increased vehicle fees in order to help to ensure that the funds that are needed will be available. The reason that the additional revenue streams are required…

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Property insurance rate reform may be on its way in North Carolina

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Coastal leaders are seeking new ways to settle these rates, underscoring that this will benefit policyholders across the state. In North Carolina, coastal leaders are currently leading an effort to reform the property insurance rate setting process, while still making sure to point out that the legislation that they are proposing would be to the benefit of people across the entire state and not just those who have homes along the coastlines. The reforms would be based on the belief that there is a flaw in the current rate calculation…

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Lawmakers seek to reduce cost of property insurance in North Carolina

Property Insurance

New legislation targeting property insurance has been introduced in North Carolina Lawmakers in North Carolina are looking to reduce property insurance rates by changing the state’s initiative to cover catastrophic losses caused by natural disasters. A new legislation has been introduce that would establish a public bonding authority, which will be part of the North Carolina Coastal Property Insurance Pool. The legislation would also require insurers to provide information concerning the costs they must bear by providing coverage to coastal properties and how much money they are making from these…

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