Health insurance navigators are available in North Carolina

North Carolina home health insurance

Navigators can help consumers find coverage through the state’s health insurance exchange Those looking to purchase health insurance coverage from the North Carolina insurance exchange will be able to find additional help from navigators. These navigators are individuals trained in the various services that the exchange offers and can be instrumental in helping people find the coverage that is most appropriate for their situation. By law, navigators cannot work directly with insurance companies in order to avoid any conflict of interest. Instead, these people are associated with non-profit organizations. Navigators…

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New health insurance plan coming to North Carolina

Releigh, Capital of North Carolina homeowners insurance rates

Carolinas HealthCare System set to introduce new insurance plan with the aid of Blue Cross Carolinas HealthCare System has announced that it is collaborating with Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina in order to offer a new health insurance plan for individuals. The plan is called BlueLocal and will be available to consumers beginning on January 1, 2015. The insurance plan is specifically designed for those under the age of 65 that want to receive their medical care through Carolinas HealthCare System and its affiliated medical professionals. BlueLocal…

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North Carolina’s health insurance exchange hits a bump in the road

North Carolina’s efforts to establish a health insurance exchange program may have come to a halt. The State House and Human Services Committee ruled this week to make changes to a proposal that would have set up the exchange, prompted by the results of an oversight panel that showed that business interests far outweighed those of consumers. The stalling of the plan has put many on edge, baffled at how businesses could be considered more important that consumers. Health insurance exchanges are a provision of the Affordable Care Act, passed…

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