No-fault auto insurance overhaul bill passes Michigan Senate

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The state’s Legislature held its first vote to modify the system near the end of last week. The Michigan Legislature voted on a bill to modify the no-fault auto insurance system in the state, approving changes meant to reduce the cost of coverage for drivers while overcoming some of the challenges left behind by the overhaul made in 2019. The 2019 changes cause certain medical providers to stop providing care to car crash victims. The new legislation voted on last week passed the Senate. It was meant to boost reimbursement…

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Florida no fault car insurance repeal moves ahead in state Senate

florida no fault auto insurance

Senator Tom Lee (R-Brandon) introduced the bill in the hopes of controlling skyrocketing premiums. The no fault car insurance bill meant to repeal the current system in Florida has cleared an important Senate committee. Should it become law, it would mean that drivers will need to purchase bodily injury coverage. The primary hurdle so far has been the argument that lawsuits and premiums would rise further. Many of the objections have come directly from insurance representatives. Should the no fault car insurance be repealed, it would mean that drivers in…

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Auto insurance reform details unveiled for Michigan

Michigan Auto Insurance

The new plans for a no fault system have now been unveiled in the hopes of driving rates down. Drivers in Michigan have just received news regarding the reform package for the auto insurance system in the state, which is meant to lower the skyrocketing premiums that they are paying. At the same time, data was revealed regarding a $14 billion catastrophic accident claims fund. The bills for these auto insurance reforms are still drafts, but if they move ahead, they will change the structure of the Michigan Catastrophic Claims…

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Allstate files $5 million lawsuit in New York as a result of fraud

Allstate Insurance is looking to recover some $5 million in New York that has been lost due to fraud. The company has filed a lawsuit targeting 21 individuals, 17 of which are being accused of misrepresenting public entities. The insurer claims that these people have continuously submitted fraudulent claims on behalf of corporation that were owned and operated by laypersons, as opposed to licensed professionals. The insurer notes that fraud is one of the primary reasons rates have been rising in the state in recent years. Allstate has filed some…

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Michigan Senate bill aims to restrict auto insurance injury benefits

According to the results of a study that were recently released, there would be “potentially disastrous economic impacts” if there were to be a cap to the personal injury benefits under the state’s no-fault insurance law. The research, which was performed by the Anderson Economic Group for the Coalition Protecting Auto No-Fault, looks into the possible outcome of a bill before the Michigan Senate that had bipartisan support. This bill was sponsored by senators Virgil Smith (D-Detroit) and Joe Hune (R-Whitmore Lake) and would permit a cap as low as…

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