Fair auto insurance practices bill passes New Jersey legislature

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The new law got the nod from the NJ General Assembly and Senate at the start of this week. A new auto insurance law was just approved by the New Jersey General Assembly and Senate, focused on improved enforcement of fair practices. The law allows people injured in car accidents to file civil lawsuits against insurers. The New Jersey Insurance Fair Conduct Act makes it possible for auto insurance policyholders to sue their insurers if they are unreasonably denied a claim for underinsured or uninsured coverage. They may also do…

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New Jersey auto insurance is once again found to be most expensive

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A report has shown that for yet another year, N.J. drivers are paying the highest premiums for coverage. The results of the annual National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) study on the cost of auto insurance has now revealed, once more, that the average driver in New Jersey is paying more than motorists in any other state in the country. The average amount that drivers paid for their policies in 2012 was an annual $1,220, higher than any other state. This represents the third year in a row that drivers…

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New Jersey auto insurance was the most expensive

New Jersey Auto Insurance

A recently released industry report has revealed that drivers in the state were paying the highest amounts. According to an industry report that was released at the very end of 2013, New Jersey auto insurance was the most expensive for drivers to buy in 2011, as motorists paid higher premiums for coverage there than in any other state in the country. The average premiums paid by drivers in order to maintain their coverage was $1,301.52, that year. When compared to the national average – as per the statistics from the…

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Auto insurance is becoming more expensive for Newark drivers

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New Jersey motorists are paying a lot more than they were last year, according to a recent report. Drivers across New Jersey are finding that their auto insurance rates have been on the rise, and not just by a small amount, but by a noticeable degree. The increases that drivers are seeing differ from one part of the state to the next. For example, Brick City residents are finding that the amount that they have been paying has shot upward. In fact, they are forking out an average of $2,780…

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Auto insurance fraud is the latest NJ Assembly target

Auto insurance fraud

A new bill has been sponsored by Assemblyperson Wayne P. DeAngelo (D) to implement a crackdown. A new bill A2204 is before the Assembly, having been sponsored by Assemblyperson Wayne P. DeAngelo (D-Mercer/Middlesex) with the purpose of targeting the residents of the state who are purchasing their auto insurance in other states through fraudulent means, despite the fact that they reside primarily within New Jersey or the insured vehicle is primarily kept there. This is considered to be a form of fraud that is becoming quite costly within the state.…

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Auto insurance customers in New Jersey are experiencing regular increases

New Jersey auto insurance

The rates in the state for vehicle coverage have risen again, according to NAIC data. The National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has reported that drivers in New Jersey are continually paying higher prices in order to maintain their auto insurance coverage. The Garden State has been experiencing regular rate hikes over the last few years. Data released by NAIC has shown that in 2009, the average cost of auto insurance in New Jersey had been $1,218. This increased the next year to reach $1,276. The association notes that this…

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New insurance regulations for New Jersey drivers

New Jersey is considering a massive change to the regulations for the personal injury element of auto insurance, with the intention of keeping rate increases under control. The primary changes have to do with the ways in which a doctor will be permitted to bill for the treatments provided, and will recreate the way in which a claim that has been denied can be appealed. While New Jersey has maintained its status among the more costly states in which to buy car insurance, its residents are paying lower premiums following…

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