Same-sex partners in Illinois to qualify for auto insurance discounts with Esurance

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Esurance has announced that it will be providing discounts for auto insurance to same-sex partner customers in Illinois. Following the June 1, 2011 start of the Religious Freedom Protection and Civil Union Act within the state, which provided same-sex couples with the right to civil union and rights equal to other married couples, Esurance declared that it would also respect this union and qualify same-sex partners for auto insurance discounts in the same way they would qualify opposite-sex spouses. The savings that can be as high as 10 percent, or…

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Esurance begins offering homeowner’s insurance policies in Florida

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Esurance, the acclaimed car insurance provider, has announced that it will be branching out into the homeowner’s insurance sector in Florida. The company is partnering with Security First Insurance, a well establish home insurer in the state. In teaming with Security First, Esurance hopes to bring a new line of affordable insurance options to the state’s homeowners. The company will also be providing discount for properties at risk of being damaged by hurricanes or wildfires. Security First will be underwriting the insurance policies, which will be tailored to cater to…

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