New York health insurance exchange begins acquiring policies

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New York health insurance companies being tapped by exchange program The New York Health Benefit Exchange has begun reaching out to private insurance companies throughout the state in order to populate itself with health insurance policies. The health insurance exchange was established as part of the Affordable Care Act and New York legislators decided that the state will run this insurance program rather than the federal government. Per the federal health care law, the exchange is meant to be a marketplace where consumers can find affordable coverage. Lawmakers aim to…

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New York to look into the benefits of a health insurance exchange

New York legislators are moving ahead with plans to lay the foundation of a health insurance exchange. Though the state Legislature has not yet passed any legislation making an exchange possible, lawmakers and insurance regulators are looking to prepare the state for what they believe is an inevitable system. New York has until 2014 to build an exchange system or risk having the federal government rake over the program. To date, New York has received more than $38 million in federal grants to work on implementing an exchange. In June,…

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