Dennis M. Baez Joins Berkley Construction Professional as Senior Vice President of Underwriting

Morristown, N.J. (August 31, 2021) – Dennis M. Baez joins Berkley Construction Professional, a division of Berkley Alliance Managers, a Berkley Company, as a senior vice president of underwriting. He is responsible for underwriting primary and excess business within the retail and wholesale insurance communities, fostering strong broker relationships and achieving profitable growth for Berkley Construction Professional’s contractors’ and owners’ professional liability portfolio. “Dennis’ extensive experience at several global leaders in insurance broking will help us better understand the professional liability needs of our customers and enable us to develop…

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Aetna insurance moving headquarters out of Hartford after 164 years there

New York City Aetna Insurance

The coverage giant has been in Connecticut for over a century and a half and is now moving to New York City. After 164 years in Connecticut, Aetna Insurance is now moving its headquarters out of Connecticut and into New York City. The company had announced its intentions to relocate to NYC earlier this year and has faced intense lobbying from Connecticut officials against its decision. This comes as a hard hit to Hartford, which has already been struggling with considerable financial issues. On the side of Aetna Insurance, it…

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Auto insurance rates in Detroit continue to be a financial burden

Auto insurance - Detroit flag

Insurance coverage for drivers in Detroit continues to grow more expensive Rising auto insurance rates in Detroit may be hindering the city’s economic recovery. Consumers throughout the city have seen their insurance rates soar in the past year. Detroit has been recovering from a record breaking municipal bankruptcy, which has served to make the city somewhat financially unstable. In December of 2014, the city was able to break free of this bankruptcy and its implications, but rising costs of auto insurance coverage could slow further recovery. High insurance rates make…

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Compromise on terrorism insurance in the US may be near

las vegas strip terrorism insurance

Federal negotiators may soon reach a fair compromise on the country’s federal insurance backstop Terrorism insurance in the United States may be in jeopardy. In 2002, the Terrorism Risk Insurance Act was passed, creating a federal backstop for insurance claims generated by acts of terrorism in the country. The legislation was meant to provide a transparent system, which allowed insured losses to be shared by both the public and private sectors. The federal backstop has been in contention for some time, as lawmakers have become unconvinced that it is still…

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Auto insurance rates are high in Detroit

michigan auto insurance

Detroit is home to some of the highest car insurance rates in the country Owning a vehicle in Detroit, Michigan, is quite expensive, according to a new study from The study highlights the cost of auto insurance coverage throughout the U.S., taking note of where insurance rates are highest. Notably, Detroit is home to some of the highest insurance premiums in the U.S. The city’s rates are even higher than those found in New York City, where auto insurance has long been plagued by fraud and other issues. Rates…

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