Aetna insurance moving headquarters out of Hartford after 164 years there

New York City Aetna Insurance

The coverage giant has been in Connecticut for over a century and a half and is now moving to New York City. After 164 years in Connecticut, Aetna Insurance is now moving its headquarters out of Connecticut and into New York City. The company had announced its intentions to relocate to NYC earlier this year and has faced intense lobbying from Connecticut officials against its decision. This comes as a hard hit to Hartford, which has already been struggling with considerable financial issues. On the side of Aetna Insurance, it…

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Terror insurance coverage concerns felt by New York property owners

Terrorism Risk Insurance industry

The commercial real estate market in NYC is concerned about the upcoming expiry of the TRIA. New York City’s commercial real estate market is now facing worries about a threat that could shake its stability, when federal terror insurance reaches its expiry date in 2014. The Terrorism Risk Insurance Act was enacted in 2002 and uses taxpayer dollars to cover these disasters. The act was put into place the year following 9/11 and uses American taxpayer funds to provide protection for private insurers so that they can offer terror insurance…

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