Auto insurance fraud ring disrupted in New York

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38 people involved in large fraud operation in New York have been indicted A large auto insurance fraud ring has been disrupted in New York. According to the Northwestern District Attorney’s Office, 38 individuals have been indicted on insurance fraud charges from grand juries in Hampshire and Franklin counties. These people are alleged to have been participating in auto insurance within their local areas and within New York City itself. The indictments come on the heels of the completion of a year-long investigation from the Insurance Fraud Bureau of Massachusetts.…

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Auto insurance fraud spiking rates in New York

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Insurance fraud continues to complicate New York auto insurance Insurance fraud is a serious problem throughout the U.S., and one that continues to defy any measures that have been taken to mitigate it. In New York, the issue is beginning to cause significant financial strain for consumers, especially in regards to auto insurance. According to Brooklyn Executive Assistant District Attorney Jeff Ferguson, auto insurance fraud is causing the cost of this coverage to grow at an alarming rate. If measure are not taken quickly, auto insurance may soon become too…

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New York legislators introduce three new laws to combat auto insurance fraud

In the continuing fight against auto insurance fraud, New York legislators have passed three new bills that will impose serious penalties on those committing crimes. The bills were passed by the state’s Senate late last week and will be heading to the Assembly for further consideration. Lawmakers are considering auto insurance fraud one of the state’s most serious issues. According to the Senate, fraud costs the state more than $1 billion every year and deals untold damage to the auto insurance industry. These damages translate into higher premiums for consumers…

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New York insurance regulators and federal authorities claim victory over insurance fraud syndicate

Auto insurance fraud has been a major problem in the state of New York. For years, regulators and lawmakers have been working to combat fraud throughout the state, but it has been a difficult challenge to overcome. This week, regulators have claimed a major victory as state and federal authorities dismantled a massive auto insurance fraud ring. Regulators are calling it the largest insurance fraud syndicate that focused almost exclusively on exploiting New York’s no-fault insurance laws. The crime ring is comprised of 36 people in total. Ten doctors and…

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