Enrollment in New Jersey health insurance program to be frozen

New Jersey Health Insurance
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Health insurance program enrollment to be suspended on March 1 On March 1, 2013, New Jersey will suspend all enrollment into a state-run health insurance program designed for consumers with pre-existing medical conditions. State officials note that this is a mandatory measure per the Affordable Care Act and that the state was directed to suspend enrollment into this program by the Department of Health and Human Services. The health insurance program, which is called the Pre-Existing Condition Insurance Plan, is suggested to be in danger of running out of money…

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Health insurance exchange vetoed by New Jersey governor

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Chris Christie rejects the bill to create a state based online marketplace. New Jersey Governor, Chris Christie has announced that he has vetoed a bill that would have had the state take part in the healthcare reforms for building an online health insurance exchange to allow uninsured residents to compare and purchase different plans. This is the second time in 2012 that Christie has rejected legislation of this nature. The Democratic-controlled legislature in the state has been working to try to establish a health insurance exchange that would be run…

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