New Jersey auto insurance companies prepare for lawsuit influx

Auto Insurance Companies - Lawsuit

Only days after the new bill was signed in the state, a major insurer was already facing two bad faith lawsuits. After having been signed only a handful of days, a New Jersey statute allowing consumers to file lawsuits accusing auto insurance companies of bad faith had already resulted in one major insurer facing two of those suits. The newly signed bill is expected to greatly alter the shape of the personal injury ecosystem in NJ. According to lawyers representing vehicle accident victims, the new law in New Jersey makes…

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New insurance regulations for New Jersey drivers

New Jersey is considering a massive change to the regulations for the personal injury element of auto insurance, with the intention of keeping rate increases under control. The primary changes have to do with the ways in which a doctor will be permitted to bill for the treatments provided, and will recreate the way in which a claim that has been denied can be appealed. While New Jersey has maintained its status among the more costly states in which to buy car insurance, its residents are paying lower premiums following…

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