Chubb introduces new insurance product focused on cybercrime and fraud

Cyber Insurance industry popularity

Chubb aims to provide health care provider with new protections The Chubb Group of Insurance Companies, the eighth largest property/casualty insurer in the U.S., has announced the launch of a new insurance product that is aimed at helping small to mid-sized health care organizations manage cybercrime and fraud. Data breach has been a serious issue for many industries and may soon become a serious problem in health care. Per the Affordable Care Act, most health care records are to be stored electronically. The law also paves the way for a…

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CNA unveils new insurance product for kidnap, ransom, and extortion


Continental National American Group (CNA) has announced that it is now selling an insurance product for kidnap, ransom, and extortion. The insurer explained that this product is designed to reflect the company’s understanding that events relating to security have broadened and can occur anywhere around the globe. Therefore, this coverage takes a step beyond the traditional spectrum of security-related event coverage in order to include any situations of this nature that can be experienced by any size of company in virtually every industry. The Kidnap, Ransom, and Extortion insurance from…

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A new insurance product to protect companies participating in cloud computing services

Cloud computing is becoming a major phenomenon in the world of technology. The concept is simple: A collaboration of computing resources, software and other technologies that are offered as a service rather than a product. This brand of service is becoming popular in a number of industries as it allows companies to make use of high-performance technologies without having to rely on their own computers or devices. Essentially, the computer servers that comprise the cloud provide all the power, through which computers at a home or office operate vicariously. As…

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Travel insurance to cover your trip into space

It is predicted that this year will bring the first commercial flights into space, and with them, those space tourists will also be purchasing travel insurance to provide them with additional coverage for their trips. Among the leading space tourism companies is Virgin Galactic, which is offering coverage directly through its website, though these travelers can also speak with their travel agents if they want to obtain the coverage they need, just as they would for any other type of traditional vacation. Though the ultra-wealthy have already been taking space…

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Irish Financial Services Group offers price drop protection product to homeowners

In the hope to help revive the struggling real estate market, Irish Financial Services Group (IFG) is preparing to offer home buyers the opportunity to purchase insurance against a price drop in the future from the price that they have paid. Home prices have continued to fall for 42 consecutive months since the bottom fell out of the property market after years of careless lending. Since the peak in 2007, the prices have fallen by 43 percent. The offer from IFG would allow house sellers to place up to 20…

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