Demand for breast pumps soars under Obamacare

Breast Pumps Obamacare insurance coverage

  Stories about organizations fighting the clause in the new Affordable Care Act or referred to as Obamacare which requires companies to cover birth control have dominated the headlines as of late, but a lesser known clause is causing a scramble to provide new mothers with breast pumps. Small clause creates big stir Some of the ACA clauses and conditions kicked in January 1, 2013. One of these is a requirement that breast pumps are covered by insurance companies. New mothers can get free consultations with lactation experts at no…

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Government hopes to see action on state insurance exchanges soon despite ambiguous guidelines

The federal government is hoping that states make moves on insurance exchanges soon. Several guidelines have been released by the government to lay the framework for how states should go about building and operating the exchanges, but few have been quick to take up action. Federal law requires that states must have a working exchange program established by 2014 or the control of this program will default to the federal government. The director of the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight at the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services,…

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