Health insurance survey shows struggles among New Hampshire residents

New Hampshire Health Insurance

Study reveals that few understand the markets for medical coverage in the state. New Hampshire is getting ready to begin its health insurance marketplace, as per the federal healthcare reforms, but a recent survey has shown that the vast majority of the residents of the state either don’t understand the changes or are completely unaware that they will be occurring. The marketplace is being created by the state and should be open for enrollment by October. The health insurance exchange in the state is going to be called the New…

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Health insurance hits major milestone with US children

Children’s Health Insurance Program

Record number of children covered by health insurance A record number of children in the U.S. received health insurance coverage in 2011, according to research from the Carsey Institute at the University of New Hampshire. Researchers note that these children did not receive their health insurance coverage from private companies. Rather, they received their coverage from public services. The research suggests that this is due to the new government policies that have been introduced into the health care sector that has made coverage more available to a wider range of…

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New program for Medicaid in New Hampshire receives approval

Medicaid health insurance program in New Hampshire

The federal government has given the nod to the managed care plan. Officials from the federal government have given New Hampshire their approval to move forward with the implementation of a Medicare health insurance program managed care system for the poor and disabled in the state. The changes to the current system were expected to save the state approximately $16 million. That savings would have applied to this fiscal year, but unfortunately, it won’t be put into place until the end of the year, so the savings won’t start to…

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State insurance agencies battle over surplus of taxpayer money in New Hampshire

New Hampshire lawyers are convening this week to discuss a long-standing dispute between non-profit organizations and health insurance companies. The issue lies in how these non-profit organizations manage some 80,000 health insurance plans for state workers and retirees. The key figure in the dispute is the Local Government Center, which serves as an insurance administrator for state employees. According to state insurance regulators, the agency has acquired a surplus of more than $100 million and is demanding that the money be returned to taxpayers. Officials with the Local Government Center…

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New Hampshire regulators to receive federal grants to improve state’s insurance system

New Hampshire insurance regulators are set to receive $3.56 million in federal grants over the next three years in accordance with the federal health care law. The state’s Insurance Department is welcoming the money with open arms, hoping to utilize the funds to help some of the regulatory shortfalls that have befallen the state in recent years. While regulators have yet to determine the breadth of their plans for the funds, officials have noted that some of the money will be used to instill more transparency in the state’s insurance…

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New Hampshire: Early retirement will cost more now

The Supreme Court of New Hampshire has approved a bill that would allow companies to charge early retirees for their health insurance coverage. The bill is similar to one that was defeated in 2009 after inciting stiff opposition from the state’s employee associations. Last month, the legislation was being hotly debated with opponents arguing that the bill was nothing more than a ploy to generate more revenue. The court has determined that the legislation will serve no detriment to retiree’s rights. They will still be eligible for pension benefits and…

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