“He Got That One Thing”: Pros of Having The Right Car Insurance

the right kind of car insurance to look for

Perks of Being a Car Owner Being a new car owner comes with a lot of benefits. You can manage your travels without being bothered by traffic and long waits in subways or train stations when you own one. Instead of waking up early and doing everything in fast motion, you can finally breathe properly when you own a car. Instead of spending long minutes falling in line in train stations or waiting for buses on the roads, you will be able to reach your destination in your own time.…

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One fifth of licensed drivers would fail the written test if taken now

A nationwide driver test survey has shown that 20 percent of licensed drivers do not know enough of the rules of driving to be able to pass the written driver’s test if they took it today.  Highway Patrol Lt. Janita West, has said that she was not entirely surprised by this, especially in the case of teenage drivers, saying that “they’re so confident, but then they pull out in front of other cars and run stop signs.” West has been a state trooper for 25 years and has been working…

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