Top 10 Least Expensive Cars to Insure Today

Buying a New Car and Insurance at the same time

Mark McCrell is an auto aficionado who loves to drive his 1974 Buick LaSabre around town and write about all things auto. He currently blogs for Underground Elephant which specializes in generating auto insurance leads. Now, there’s nothing wrong with wanting to pay a little less in car insurance premiums each year. There are many things that one can do in order to help lower their premiums once they own their car, but there are actually plenty of cars out there that start out with a low insurance rate. Based…

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Thinking of Buying a Car? Don’t Forget about the Costs of Insurance and Gas

New Car Insurance

New car buyer insurance information Many people are prepared to haggle over the price of a new car in order to get the best deal possible. However, they often forget about the extra expenses that can add up over the years, which are affected by the type of car they choose. If you are planning on buying a new car, don’t rush into any decisions. Instead, have a sit down about some of the other factors that can affect the running costs of the car over the years, and take…

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Driverless cars being test driven in California, though insurers aren’t quite ready for robot drivers

Auto insurance industry beside itself on the self driving car issue Though it may sound like science fiction to have a robot driving a car for you, Google is already taking driverless cars out on the roads of California to test them, regardless of the fact that the law hasn’t even considered that this could be possible. Next door, the state of Nevada has already created regulations that are allowing these robot operated vehicles onto its public roads, and Brian Sandoval, the governor of that state, has already been out…

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Connecticut lawmakers mull over plan to make license plates transmit insurance information

Proof of auto insurance in Connecticut Connecticut lawmakers are considering a new plan that could make checking for auto insurance coverage easier. The plan would have small transmitters embedded in the license plates of vehicles. These transmitters would be able to send out insurance verification via RFID signals. Legislators believe that this system would be a more efficient way to track uninsured drivers and issue tickets. If the plan is enacted, the state could collect as much as $29 million each year. According to the Insurance Research Council, a non-profit…

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New York legislators introduce three new laws to combat auto insurance fraud

In the continuing fight against auto insurance fraud, New York legislators have passed three new bills that will impose serious penalties on those committing crimes. The bills were passed by the state’s Senate late last week and will be heading to the Assembly for further consideration. Lawmakers are considering auto insurance fraud one of the state’s most serious issues. According to the Senate, fraud costs the state more than $1 billion every year and deals untold damage to the auto insurance industry. These damages translate into higher premiums for consumers…

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