Nevada government seeks feedback from public on health insurance benefits

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Consumers have a chance to speak out on health insurance benefits Nevada’s Division of Insurance is looking to acquire public opinion on what should be included in the state’s essential health benefits plan, which is part of the Affordable Care Act. Per federal law, the state must build a health insurance exchange itself or risk having the federal government establish one. This insurance exchange is meant to provide consumers with access to affordable health insurance policies and create competition in the market to drive down insurance premiums overall. The policies…

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New website allows Nevada consumers to review and respond to health insurance rate increases

The Division of Insurance in Nevada has announced the launch of the new Nevada Health Rate Review website that is available to consumers and small businesses in the state, to allow them to review health insurance rate hikes, as well as leave their own comments. The website was created in order to comply with a part of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) which began September 1, 2011. This federal law demands that the state offer a way for small businesses and consumers to leave their comments regarding rate hikes that…

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Nevada low income car insurance proposal dead in the water

Early this year, Nevada legislators were considering a bill that would provide more affordable car insurance policies to low-income families. The bill had gained momentum in Las Vegas in its early days, but support waned as months passed without comprehensive amendments. It was announced that the Nevada Senate had terminated the bill, leaving its sponsor, Assemblyman Kelvin Atkinson, to go back to the drawing board. Atkinson expressed his disappointment with the lack of Republican support for the bill, but has hopes that a similar measure will be passed in the…

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