Electric vehicles also come with higher auto insurance premiums

electric vehicles insurance premium and how they defer

Research shows that those with electric vehicles pay more for their insurance coverage Research from NerdWallet suggests that those with electric vehicles have higher auto insurance premiums. The organization has compared the premiums that drivers of electric vehicles and those with conventional vehicles experience. The reason why electric vehicles are attached to higher auto insurance premiums is due to the relatively high costs associated with operating and maintaining these vehicles. Repairing an electric car can be a costly process, which could lead to financial losses for insurance providers, which has…

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Drivers may be paying too much for auto insurance coverage

auto insurance car headlights

Survey suggests that drivers are paying more than they should for insurance coverage Many drivers in the United States may be paying too much for auto insurance coverage, according to a survey from NerdWallet. The survey drew information from 1,000 zip codes throughout the country, including the average rates that insurance companies charge for covering drivers and their vehicles. The survey found that, on average, prices in auto insurance coverage varied by 154% based on zip code. NerdWallet suggests that those shopping around for coverage could find significant savings. Drivers…

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Auto insurance rates are headed up due to claims and litigation

Louisiana Auto Insurance rates

The drivers in Louisiana are familiar with rising premiums, and now they are given another reason why. An auto insurance rates study has added some confirmation for residents in Louisiana who have been wondering why their premiums have been steadily rising and are now continuing to do so. The study didn’t necessarily discover anything new but it did prove what had previously been believed. What it found was that in a state where the auto insurance premiums are recognized as among the highest in the country – particularly in Baton…

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