Homeowners insurance rates in Nebraska are higher than the US average

Nebraska Health homeowners Insurance
Auto insurance data spat could lead...

Property owners in the state are seeing premiums that are a touch higher than the rest of the country. A new report from the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) has revealed that the people in Nebraska have been paying homeowners insurance premiums that are slightly higher than the average across the country. The report is based on data from 2013 and shows the average national annual premiums to be $1,096. That said, in Nebraska, that price tag is slightly higher, as the average homeowners insurance bill every year is…

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Community groups work to promote health insurance in Nebraska

Nebraska Health homeowners Insurance

Groups in Nebraska are promoting awareness of the state’s health insurance exchange Nebraska’s health insurance exchange is again accepting enrollees, but awareness may still be a problem when it comes to getting people to use the exchange. Last year, informing consumers about the state’s exchange and the services it offers proved to be a difficult task. Apart from the exchange’s technical difficulty, a lack of awareness among consumers meant that the exchange saw lower enrollment numbers than had been expected. This year, community groups are taking a new approach to…

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A shift in health insurance will affect some 96,000 people in Nebraska


Blue Cross announces that coverage will be restored to consumers despite contract dispute with CHI Health Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska has announced some changes to the coverage it provides to some of those that have been affected by a contract dispute with CHI Health. Some CHI Health hospitals have been out of the Blue Cross network since September of this year due to the expiration of an agreement between the two companies. Blue Cross and CHI Health have been unable to form a new contract due to…

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Health insurance mismanagement sparks controversy in Nebraska

Nebraska Health Insurance

Nebraska health insurance program found to be poorly managed Controversy has erupted in Nebraska as state auditor Mike Foley has discovered that millions of dollars in Medicaid-related health insurance payments have been mismanaged by Nebraska officials. The discovery could cause significant problems for the officials that would be implicated in mismanaging these funds, but could also mean trouble for consumers that are relying on the Medicaid program to receive the health insurance coverage that they need. These consumers could be put under financial strain as the issue is expected to…

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Nebraska insurance firm files lawsuit against Lance Armstrong

Nebraska insurance company sues Lance Armstrong

The insurer has now sued the cyclist for collecting performance bonuses worth $3 million by cheating. Lance Armstrong isn’t finished seeing the backlash from the discovery that he cheated during his major cycling competitions – such as the Tour de France – as a Nebraska insurance company has now filed a lawsuit against him for wrongful collection of payments. The company alleges that he cheated in order to take in a $3 million performance bonus. This performance bonus was offered by the Nebraska insurance company when Armstrong’s team purchased a…

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Crop insurance payouts may come at a cost

Crop Insurance

As the planting season edges nearer in 2013, Nebraska is among the states that have collected the most. Among all of the states in the country, Nebraska is one of the six in which its farmers have collected crop insurance payouts worth over $1 billion due to damage that was caused by the drought last year. That disastrous growing season led to over $12.3 billion in payouts as of Monday. However, the most recent statistics that have been released by the Risk Management Agency of the federal government has also…

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Tornadoes in Oklahoma and Kansas claim lives and cause damage to property


Damages from recent tornadoes that ripped through Oklahoma and Kansas. Powerful tornadoes tore through the states of Kansas and Oklahoma over the weekend, causing significant damage to businesses and homes as well as claiming lives. The National Weather Service claims that the weather system responsible for the disasters created more tornadoes in one day than either Kansas or Oklahoma would normally see in the month of April. Insurers have been working in cities affected by the tornadoes, hoping to mitigate any further damage and to process claims quickly to help…

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