GEICO auto insurance announces partnership with NCAA

Auto insurance - Partnership between companies

The insurer said the agreement spotlights the company’s commitment to student athletes GEICO and the National Collegiate Athletics Association (NCAA) recently announced that the insurer would be the NCAA’s official home and auto insurance partner. The partnership involves all the NCAA’s men’s and women’s championships The broad partnership includes all 90 of the NCAA women’s and men’s championships, demonstrating the auto insurance company’s commitment to college sports and student athletes. “We are thrilled to welcome GEICO back to the NCAA Corporate Champion and Partner Program,” said NCAA senior vice president…

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Insurance premiums to be reimbursed to Marcus Mariota

football players and disability insurance premiums

Three other Oregon players will also be receiving their reimbursements for similar reasons. Among the most recent trends that have been occurring in college football is that the schools direct some of the student assistance fund from the athletic department to pay for the insurance premiums for the coverage of players who look as though they will have a promising future in the NFL. Among the universities taking part in this practice, the Oregon Ducks have become the most recent to join. Four players from the state have been receiving…

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