Homeowners insurance rate change requested for mobile homes

homeowners insurance rates grow

The North Carolina Department of Insurance has released a statement to describe the request from the industry. The N.C. Department of Insurance (NCDOI) has now received a rate filing for homeowners insurance rates from the N.C. Rate Bureau, which is an entity that is not a part of the department, and which represents all insurers in the state that sell coverage for mobile homes. There are two different types of mobile home insurance that are offered in North Carolina. The first is through the MH(C) form, and the second is…

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North Carolina home insurance rates could rise by over 25 percent

North Carolina home health insurance

Insurers in the state are seeking a massive average increase to follow large hikes over recent years. If the proposals of insurers of the state are accepted, the North Carolina home insurance rates could increase by an average of 25.3 percent, representing yet another major spike in the amount that residents will need to pay in order to maintain their coverage. The amount that is being sought in terms of increases varies from one region of the state to the next. For example, the changes requested for the rates of…

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Auto insurance bill in North Carolina fails to pass

auto insurance

A measure that would have changed the way that the coverage is regulated in the state was voted down. A bill designed to change the way that auto insurance rates are regulated within North Carolina, and which was strongly opposed by Wayne Goodwin, the commissioner for the state, has failed to pass. The House Insurance Committee voted the bill down on Tuesday, causing the measure to fail. The auto insurance rate regulation bill failed by a vote of 18 to 11, following the presentation of the views of both the…

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