Health insurance benefits improve infant mortality rates

baby health insurance benefits infant mortality

A new study conducted by NC Child revealed that these rates are closely linked to coverage. Children’s health care advocacy group, NC Child, released the outcome of a recent health insurance benefits study it conducted. The organization looks into best health practices by collecting data from North Carolina families and communities. This most recent research looked specifically at the infant mortality rates and their relationship with health plans. The study indicated a direct relationship between health insurance benefits and improved infant mortality rates. NC Child director of research and data,…

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Health insurance provider Blue Cross Blue Shield may face fines in North Carolina

Blue Cross Blue Shield health insurance

North Carolina Department of Insurance may issue fines against Blue Cross Blue Shield Blue Cross Blue Shield may be facing significant fines in North Carolina due to “unprecedented administrative failures,” according to the state’s Insurance Commissioner, Wayne Goodwin. The Commissioner intends to levy the maximum permissible fines against the health insurance provider as the insurers goes into its third month of enrollment and billing issues. The North Carolina Department of Insurance claims that it has received more than 8,700 calls and 1,900 formal complaints concerning Blue Cross Blue Shield this…

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Health insurance for autism in North Carolina not up to national average

Health Autism Insurance

A new bill is being considered to help to address the inequality for coverage of this condition. Lawmakers in North Carolina are will be considering a bill that is designed to help to overcome the inequality that is being faced by people with autism when it comes to the health insurance coverage that they are receiving in the state. There are currently an estimated 60,000 people in North Carolina who have autism. These individuals and their families often face considerable expenses that are not covered by their health insurance due…

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Health insurance options limited for thousands of North Carolina residents

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A new bill in the state would leave many without choices when shopping for their medical coverage. Thousands of residents of North Carolina within the lower income brackets are being denied health insurance and, as a result of a measure that passed the House this week, they now have very limited coverage options available to them. This bill was drafted by the Republicans in the state with the purpose of helping to control costs. It is currently estimated that there are approximately 1.5 million people in North Carolina who do…

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