Retired NBA players health insurance plan is “awesome”

NBA Players health insurance

The union has now secured coverage for former professional basketball players. The National Basketball Players Association (NBPA) announced new retired NBA players health insurance. Chris Paul, the president of the players union, explained that this was one of his goals. NBA players who have spent more than three years in the league will receive this health insurance coverage. John Wallace, a retired player who spent 7 seasons with the NBA – two of which were with the Knicks – said “It’s absolutely awesome.” Wallace added that Executive director of the…

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Insurance coverage won’t help Sixers during Joel Embiid foot surgery

basketball insurance coverage sports

The player will now be missing a second NBA season in a row as he faces another medical procedure. The latest reports about NBA player, Joel Embiid, are that he will be missing another season as a Philadelphia 76ers, because he will be headed toward another surgery on his injured right foot, and insurance coverage may not be helping the team to recoup its losses. NBA contracts provide a full guarantee to players whose injuries cause them to be sidelined. That said, teams can often look to their insurance coverage…

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Insurance policy for $1 million held by Isaiah Austin

Isaiah Austin insurance policy

As the former Baylor center suffers the heartbreak of finished NBA dreams, his “elite” coverage is now making headlines. Isaiah Austin, the former center for Baylor, has recently been diagnosed with Marfan syndrome, a genetic disorder that impacts the connective tissue of the body and though the main headlines have been regarding the heartbreaking to his career, it has recently been discovered that he has an “elite” insurance policy. The condition has caused Austin to watch his dreams of playing for the NBA to suddenly disappear. That said, as this…

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