The cost of natural disaster insurance hasn’t been this low in 6 years

Austrailia Has Seen it's Share of Natural Disaster insurance

Global insurers saw the lowest expenses associated with those catastrophes they’ve seen since 2009. According to the largest reinsurance company on the planet, last year’s costs for natural disaster insurance claims – that is, the expenses from catastrophes such as earthquakes and massive storms – were lower than they have been since 2009. The reinsurer released a report that looked back over the last year and showed it was less costly than the last six. The reinsurer in question was Munich Re, which released its analysis of natural disaster insurance…

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Nationwide Insurance reports losses in the third quarter due to natural disasters and poor investment results

Nationwide Insurance has reported its third quarter financial results for this year. The report details a turbulent third quarter, which has been wracked by severe storms and other natural disasters along with costly investment mishaps. Overall, the report shows that the insurer has lost billions in investments and millions in claims relating to storm damage. While Nationwide has an optimistic outlook for the remainder of the fiscal year, there can be no doubt that recent events will encourage changes to be made to the company’s policies. Nationwide reports that its…

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Allianz reports catastrophe losses on the rise but not the root of industry woes

Risk assessment experts at Allianz, one of the largest insurers in the world, have spoken out about the rising costs insurers are experiencing from natural catastrophe, outlining their findings in risk briefing – Allianz Risk Pulse: Focus Natural Catastrophes. With occurrences of severe weather, earthquakes and flooding, many insurance companies are seeing losses due to natural disasters and, according to Allianz, the number of companies experiencing these losses is on the rise. However, the increase may not be due to natural disasters at all. Allianz finds that the growing trend…

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